Dreams of code.

Who wants to have dreams about code?   I do. Let's be clear here, though. It's not because of an infatuation with the code itself, it's just I love learning. My goal with whatever skill I try to acquire is to practice it so much I wind up doing it in my sleep, literally. Once the dreams come I know I'm headed in the right direction.

Who am I?
A tech enthusiast, musician, videographer, health nut, caregiver, Philomath, former teacher, and a soon-to-be husband.

I'm keeping this blog to document the challenges and successes I'll encounter in developing my future tech career. As well as a resource to help other people online looking to get their foot in door with the tech industry. There seems to be a vast ocean of tech blogs out there, but not many seem to be beginner-oriented, I'd like to fill that gap and help out my fellow techs out there. 

I plan on discussing my computer builds, home network infrastructure, setting up and modifying my homelab, studying for and passing CompTIA and Cisco Certification exams, and setting up accessibility features for my disabled sister.

I'm thinking of setting up a video editing workstation after I land my first job to put use to the hundreds of hours of footage during my five years stay in Japan teaching English. I would like to make an entertaining series of videos of life there form the perspective of a foreigner. It's also a dream of mine to go back for a visit to film a music video at some scenic spots I had my eyes on. I'll be updating my progress towards this probably much further down the line.

I'll also document neat technological applications I find to help physically disabled people like my sister. She and many people like her need all the help they can get. I hope to find some useful resources and share them as I find them.

Language Learning
My original love. I've dabbled in French, taken a year of Mandarin Chinese, learned Japanese to fluency, and speak Spanish as a native. The funny thing is I'm terrible at learning languages, but with the help of some technologic innovations like SRS, which I'll get in another post, as well as some self-designed and implemented language learning software, I've gotten to where I am in great part to my own scripting skills, not to mention with great help form my lovely college professors and tutors. 

Interracial Married Life
I'm currently in the process of finding a way to get my significant other to come over and live with me in the USA. She's Japanese and doesn't speak much English. This should provide for some interesting stories to share. Meetings with lawyers, marriage interviews, endless filling of forms...

Thanks for reading!