Set up a virtual Windows Server 2016 for Homelab: Part 2: Install Roles and Features: Active Directory Domain Services, Promote Server to Domain Controller

Let us make the first role we will install the Active Directory Domain Services role. By installing this role we can setup Domain networking on the server so we can crate a group of computers that we can control from our server centrally. 

 Install Active Directory Domain Services role

Server Manager > Manage > Add Roles and Features > Next > Role-based or feature-based installation >

Next > Choose the Server to install the role on.  >  Next  >  Choose the Active Directory Domain Services role> add the target features > Next 

Now that we've finished installing the Active Direectory Domain Services  role to our server let's continue the process and promote the server to a domain controller. 

Promote the Server to a Domain Controller

Click the notifications flag >  Promote this serve to a domain controller 

Choose a Domain Name and Password

Add a new forest >  type in your desired domain name plus the file extension *.local >  Forest functional level and Domain functional level set with defaults > Choose a DSRM password > Next >  Ignore warning bubble on DNS Options page  >  Next > Next > Leave Paths as Default > Next > Review Options > Next > Prerequisites Page > Install 

To make sure that everything has installed, you can go to the Server Manager and double check that the AD DS role is listed in the left panel. 

In Part 3 we will join our Windows 7,8, and 10 VM workstations join the domain we created in part 1.