Set up a virtual Windows Server 2016 for Homelab: Part 5: create a Group Policy Object and setup Folder Redirection

In this post, we will  learn how to create a Group Policy Object  to control how much time must pass before the screen saver is launched. We will also learn how to implement Folder Redirection to save network resources instead of loading all the contents of a user profile over the network on each login and log off.  

Create  GPO for Timed Screen Saver Launch

Install the Group Policy Management Role using the process described here. 

Now Open Group Policy Management from 

Tools > Group Policy Management > 

(left pane) domains > (domain name) drop down list, . Right-click > New

Name GPO according to function (Screen Saver Timing) >  OK

Expand Group Policy Objects dropdown list >  Right-click the GPO you just created > edit (opens up the Group Policy Management Editor)

Navigate as so    Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization

Double-click 'Screen Saver Timeout' > Click Enabled > enter target time  (my case is 900 seconds) for screen saver timeout. > Apply > OK > Close Group Policy Management Editor

Now that we've crated the GPO, let's apply it to Organizational Units. 

Apply the GPO to Organizational Units

Go to Group Policy Management > domain > drop down list > choose the OU you want to  apply the GPO to > Right-click the OU > select 'Link an existing GPO...' > choose the GPO you'd like to apply by name > OK 

Configure Folder Redirection

double click a root drive (if you only have one drive/partition choose C:) > New Folder > Name 'Folder Redirection' > 

Right-click folder > Share > Specific People >  drop-down arrow > Everyone > Add > Everyone drop-down list > Read/Write > Share > Done

Create a GPO so folder redirection can occur.

Group Policy Management >  Right-click Group Policy Objects > New > Name 'Folder Redirection' > OK > Right-click the GPO  you just created > Edit  > Go to User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Folder Redirection > Right-click Documents > choose Properties > (in Target tab) click the drop-down arrow > set 'Basic-Redirect Everyone's folder to the same location > Set Target folder location box to 'Create a folder for each user under the root path' > Set Root Path by the server name and shared folder you created earlier example. \\Homelab2016\Folder Redirection > Yes

Apply the GPO to target OU. In my case my homelab.local server.

That's it for now.

Read the next installment to learn how to deploy software on computers using Group Policy Management.