Set up a virtual Windows Server 2016 for Homelab: Part 4: create Organizational Units, User Objects, and Groups

Now that we've set up our Domain, Domain controller and our first User and computer, we can begin adding Organizational Units, User Objects and Users to Groups.  Let's first create an Organizational Unit.

Create an Organizational Unit

 Server Manager > Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers

Your domain name > right click > New > Organizational Unit  

Choose a name for the Organizational Unit( like Help Desk Staff ) > Leave the box checked if you plan on not deleting this OU in the future > OK

Now let's create a User Object within this OU (Organizational Unit).

Create a User Object in an Organizational Unit

Right-click the OU you just made > New > User

Entire your name and login username > Next > Create password > Choose tick box options > Next > Finish

Create a Group

Right-click the OU you created before > New > Group

Name the group something like 'Help Desk Shared Folder Security Group' > choose Global in the group scope > Security in Group Type > OK

Also be sure to add the group to the Domain Users Group if you'd like to have the users in this group be able to log on to the domain.

Add a member to the Group

Right-click created group > properties 

select Members Tab > Add... > type in name from User created earlier, > Check Names > ( typed name should become underlined now) > OK

In Part 5, we will  learn how to create a Group Policy Object  to control how much time must pass before the screen saver is launched. We will also learn how to implement Folder Redirection to save network resources instead of loading all the contents of a user profile over the network on each login and log off.